How I Dream of You

Every thing I am was there in the beginning
The beauty the Divine bestowed on me
The life and love coursing through me
From the womb to the world
To a woman from a girl
Natural, beautiful and free

An extension of my soul
My hair is a part of me
An expression of my beauty
But I wanted to change it, force it, beat it
Dye it, straighten it, mistreat it
A slave to an empty pursuit

A divine dream reminded me of the gifts of the womb
Love, peace and strength, and I am reborn
Ready to be me in my natural form
Ready to behold the beauty that is me
Ready to be the soul of my dreams
Natural, beautiful and free



This exhibit on African-American women and self-image features the combined talents of Everett E. Johnson and Lance Omar Thurman. Exhibit will run through the month of October at 1308 Washington Ave. in downtown St. Louis. Reception held on Saturday, October 2 – join us anytime between 5 and 10 pm.

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